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Vilex Bone Staple System

Vilex Bone Staple System

The staple system enables the surgeon to fixate with both straight or angled staples with diameters ranging from 0.9 mm to 1.6 mm.  The system consists of a drill guide template, drivers, extractors, tampers and a mallet.

Bone Staple System Features:

Typical Procedure:

Using the template, drill two pilot holes where desired. The template angles the holes slightly to create some compression when the staple is forced into the bone fragments.  Hold the staple with the appropriate driver and place over the drilled holes. Insert the staple and gently hit the driver with the mallet. Release the staple and use the tamper to hammer the staple flush with the bone.

Note:The appropriate bone drill bits are available from Vilex but are not part of the system.