Correction of Flatfoot in Children & Adults

Vilex offers an integrated subtalar system using conical shaped titanium implants to control the position of the talus and to correct flatfoot deformity. The condition results from the partial collapse or flattening of the midfoot arch. The deformity can be present in any age group. It is congenital in children and acquired in adulthood.

System Advantages
  • Conical titanium implants designed to accommodate the anatomy of the sinus tarsi and facilitate correction of flatfoot deformities

  • Non-cutting threads designed to preserve anatomy and minimize discomfort while resisting implant migration or displacement

  • Tapered implant design allows gradual adjustment of correction

  • Implants available in 5 sizes to meet most patient anatomy. Additional sizes are available upon request

  • Radio-opaque trials accurately match corresponding implant geometry and allow verification of placement

  • Hex drive mechanism

  • System features patented removal tool