A new choice for stabilizing the subtalar joint.

The Talex system represents the evolution of the subtalar implant. Color coded implants and ergonomically designed comfort-fit instrumentation offer improved intraoperative identification and surgical precision. Multiple sizes accommodate anatomical differences to address various clinical scenarios and surgical needs.

Minimally Invasive

Talex subtalar implants are an alternative treatment to more complicated surgeries like calcaneal lengthening which have a longer recovery time. Surgeons trained with Vilex subtalar implants utilize a quick, minimally-invasive outpatient procedure. The procedure starts with a small incision, typically less than once inch. Through this small incision, a Talex implant is inserted into the sinus tarsi, a natural gap between two bones in the ankle. The implant is designed to restore the mid-foot bones to their normal orientation.

System Advantages
  • Cannulated implants and instruments facilitate precise positioning

  • Axial cut channels and cross holes designed to facilitate soft tissue ingrowth

  • Grippex™ thread technology designed to improve bite and reduce rotational backout

  • Patented reverse thread instrument for repositioning or removal

  • Implants penetrate deeper into the sinus tarsi

  • Reduced back-weight on lateral side maintains neutral weight balance

  • Smooth, toroid shaped head provides pivot point for subtalar motion

  • Hexalobe drive system minimizes stripping and improves driving force